Laura Culp

Laura is a seeker of human truth. She thrives on discovering the commonalities we all share, and the things that inspire, motivate, and make us behave in a given way. Part psychologist, part sociologist, part researcher, she is 100% strategist. Laura spends her days (and quite a few nights) in focus-group rooms, mining consumer and market insights that lead to compelling stories for her clients’ brands.


Brand and Branding

“Brand” is a word that is widely used but unevenly understood. We define “brand” as the themes and ideas that come to mind when anyone hears your company’s name.

When businesses talk about “branding,” that’s really all they mean: deciding what they want their reputation to be, then managing the things they say and do to build and maintain that reputation. Successful brands craft simple, relevant messages they can repeat over and over until they “brand” themselves into the public consciousness.


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